Peanut Color Sorter

  1. Peanut Color Sorter Machine

    The Peanut Color Sorter Machine is best known for delivering maximum quality. It is specially designed and developed for meeting stringent food safety requirements. Capable of sorting different varieties of peanuts including in-shell with red or pink skin, blanched or roasted, these sorter machines efficiently remove defects with certain discolorations, in-shell, split, over/undersized or misshaped nuts as well as foreign material, including sticks and bones.
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  2. CCD Peanut Color Sorting Machine

    The CCD Peanut Color Sorting Machine is well integrated with an advanced custom-built technology. It is highly acclaimed for its high resolution and unique profile technology with all the possibility of combining color and shape. Widely used by small, medium and large scale peanut processors, these sorting machines are ideal for applications that demand the highest standards of seed quality. The machine also ensures with maximum yields, cleaning and germination.
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