Tea Color Sorter Machine

  1. Tea Color Sorting Machine

    The Tea Color Sorting Machine features large capacity, precise sorting, excellent performance and easy sorting with subtle defects. Highly compatible for all types of tea leaves, these sorting machines have the excellent advantage of multitasking function, which makes them capable of processing shape, color and grade sorting in one time. Full color CCD camera and lens in this machine is capable of recognizing all the minimum defects in the tea stock.
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  2. Black Tea Sorting Machine

    This Black Tea Sorting Machine is specially engineered for eliminating the capacity limitation by the input & output of the big tea leaves. Features LED lighting and air-cooling system; the sorting machine achieves a stable operation, longer lifetime and less running cost. Widely used for sorting and grading tea leaves by their colors, these machines meet the requirements of small, medium and large tea processors. It delivers high efficiency in the removal of lighter colored leaves, sticks, stalks and fibres to achieve optimum quality.
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